THE RESTAURANTwhich is family run, has a main hall heated during winter by a characteristic fireplace, and a charming veranda, for a total capacity of about 60 people; instead, during summer, the garden allows enjoying our dishes immersed in the natural calm of the mountain, in a unique and fascinating environment.


Our Farm produces oil, and zero-km fruit and vegetables for the restaurant.

The Menu of the Locanda changes every week, following what the seasons offer, without forgetting the Tuscan cuisine tradition. Our starters, apart from a wide selection of cured meats and cheeses, offer a choice of hot terrines, with cheese melted in oven, combined with fruit, vegetables, and cured meats.



Our specialties are homemade pastas: starting from tortelli, stuffed in many ways, depending on the season (chestnuts, pumpkin, Porcini mushrooms etc.), to spaghetti, macaroni, and tagliolini, without forgetting the risottos or soups during winter season. In Tuscany meat is a must; Manzo all’Alpina filets (beef filet with porcini mushrooms), or with Chianti sauce, Roasted Suckling pig and Roast Ham are only some of our proposals, and we often insert some fish dishes, always cooked with the simplicity and delicacy of our cuisine.


Our Cellar proposes a selection of about 100 labels with particular attention to Tuscan wines. In addition, we offer a wide selection of rum, distillates, grappa, and whisky.


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Locanda Zacco s.a.s.

di Giovanna Danesi & C.

P. iva: 01704260478

Via Mammianese, 49

Loc. Goraiolo - Marliana (PT)

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